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The Data Center is equipped with state of the art servers that use hardware fault tolerance methods to assure continued availablity of data.

The CRHC DC maintains numerous servers and personal computers, which provide access to both the Internet and the CRHC DC intranet. Servers are located in a secure server room, which contains an alarm system, temperature control, and a double lock on the main door with a tracking key card entry system. All servers use hardware fault tolerance methods to assure the continued availability of data.

The CRHC Data Center maintains (Server Details):

  • Web servers utilizing 128-bit SSL security for online real time data entry.
  • SQL servers, for database and data storage, with 128-bit SSL security and limited access via network firewall.
  • Web site and database development servers located behind a firewall accessible only to developers on the intranet.
  • Data warehousing and file sharing servers only accessible by individuals on the intranet.
  • High-end servers dedicated to statistical analyses, containing 8 Xeon processors and 32 GB RAM with stripped raided SCSI high end performance hard drives. These servers provide a framework to manipulate and analyze very large datasets in an efficient and time effective manner.