Mini-Mental Status Exam (MMSE)

There are no time limits. Subjects can self-correct their answers and receive credit. For example, if a subject responds to Item 1a with "This is 2006-not-2007," this is a self-corrrected answer that receives credit. If a subject gives you the entire date (i.e. month, day, year) when you ask a question, continue to ask specific questions -- DO NOT accept that answer as correct for the orientation questions that follow.

1. a) What year is this?

Accept exact answers only. Acceptable answers are "2006", Two Thousand and Six

    b) What season is this?

During the last two weeks of the old season or first two weeks of a new season, accept either season

    c) What is today's date?

Accept exact answers only. If the subject is unclear, follow up by saying "What day of the month is it?"

    d) What day of the week is this?

Accept exact answers only. Do not accept "second day of the week". If this occurs, ask the person to you the name of teh day of the week.

    e) What month is this?

Accept exact answers only.

2. a) What country are we in?

Accept exact answers only.

    b) What state are we in?

    c) What county are we in?

    d) What city are we in?

    e) What is the name of this hospital?