About the Study

The Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment Network (PKD-TN) has developed the HALT PKD clinical trials to evaluate certain FDA approved drugs that may be effective in slowing kidney growth in persons who have polycystic kidney disease. Seven centers across the United States are participating in the two trials.

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Alan found out he had polycystic kidney disease around 5 years ago. He has generously agreed to share his story for us.

I had never heard of Polycystic Kidney Disease until about five years ago when an MRI revealed spots proliferating my kidneys and liver. I was 45 and the cause of my stomach trouble leading to these tests had nothing to do with the PKD they discovered. The big fear was cancer so when we reviewed an autopsy that had been performed on my father and found that he had PKD, it was actually a minor relief.

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Nutritional Corner by Kelly Welsh, R.D, C.D.

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WELCOME to the HALT-PKD website.

We hope you find it to be an informational and helpful resource. If you are a participant, let me first say thank-you for enrolling in this exciting study. As you know, based on your participation, we will gain new understandings of the role of BP control and use of ARB and ACE medications on the progression of polycystic kidney disease. This site contains stories from those with PKD, a nutritional corner, links to other PKD sites and the list of articles and presentations associated with this study. In the future we will provide you with an overview of a selected article and its most important conclusions. The site will be updated quarterly.

Participants of the HALT-PKD study can log on to the dedicated portion of the site. Here you can download selected study forms and review new information about the study. Login information is available from your study coordinator. If you would like to contribute to future updates or have suggestions on how we might improve the site, please talk to your study coordinator or e-mail the webmaster at the address provided. Stay Healthy!!!

Robert W. Schrier, M.D.
Halt-PKD Steering Committee Chair

HALT-PKD Clinical Research Centers

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