Examples of our work:


The Research Education in Advancing Investigative Careers for Housestaff and Fellows (REACH) Program is an intensive 8-week program designed to teach fundamental skills of clinical research to physicians in UPMC-affiliated residency and fellowship programs.



The University of Pittsburgh center is to promote this independence by optimizing balance and mobility and reducing injurious falls through disciplined inquiry and translational research.


Asthma Institute

The Asthma Institute increases the scientific understanding of asthma/allergic diseases across all ages, to translate these findings into innovative approaches and to implement these approaches in the asthma community through an integrated Institute of scientists, clinicians, educators, patients and the community, thereby improving the health of asthma patients.

asthma institute

Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine is the largest of 26 departments in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The Department is world-renowned for both excellence and innovation in medical education and clinical service. It is part of a vibrant and financially solid health care system that is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of patients in western Pennsylvania and multiple surrounding states.



The ICRE's primary objectives are to develop, nurture, and support a cadre of clinical and translational scientists by building on the University of Pittsburgh's existing clinical research training programs to establish a comprehensive program with activities ranging from early research exposure for high school students to programs for faculty.



MERMAID is an educational longitudinal series created by Dr. Wishwa Kapoor, MD to help and facilitate the understanding of research methods in medical education. The series includes theoretical framework and practical applications of methods commonly used in medical education research.


ServicesWeb and Database Design

We develop state of the art data management systems that can be accessed from any electronic device. We customized each data management system that is designed to facilitate the workflow of the study. We work with the investigative team to develop the case report form and an integrated tracking system. All of our data management systems have the capability to incorporate electronic health record data. All of our systems are developed using .NET 2.0 to create the interface and SQL for the database.

Our team can create a data management system that is compliant with current data security practices, including FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11 federal regulations.

In addition to the data management system, to design a web presence that helps investigators disseminate information or recruit participants.

Examples of Services for Research Studies:

  • Forms consultation and design
  • Paperless data collection including dynamic validation for range and logic checks and missing value
  • Paper-based data collection including double data entry verification
  • Automated randomization for clinical trials
  • Interactive tracking for recruitment, screening and follow up
  • Customized interfaces for researchers and/or participants
  • Customized online and printed reports for recruitment, tracking and follow up
  • Customized user documentation such as data dictionary and codebook
  • Customized user training on data management and tracking systems
  • Mass emailing
  • Automated email reminders